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Congeria: A Podcast Experience

Congeria: A Podcast Experience

CONGERIA is a genre-bending audio drama that tells a new, original story every season. In Season One, we join private detective Jenny Walker as she searches for a missing girl named Claire. The backdrop is a noirish take of New York in the 21st century. Her search puts her in the crosshairs of a mysterious scientist, a ruthless hitman, and a charismatic cult leader. With an ensemble cast and original score, CONGERIA will pull you into a world of the weird and unnerving.

Member Reviews

Very good story after each episode I couldn't wait to start the next one!

3 months ago

Fun podcast good to listen to when you're trying to do something else but want a good crime mystery to listen to.

7 months ago

i regret watching this series.

7 months ago

Awesome podcast, hope to hear more like this.

10 months ago

Very good crime noir. If you like old radio dramas, this carries a lot of the same energy. Reminds me of the types of entertaining radio programs that have been archive from the 60s. Very good, very entertaining, very fun to listen to, and overall a fun story. If you're trying to be terrified, this won't be it, but if you're looking for an entertaining story with some really talented VAs (I actually tend to dislike English VAs as they don't seem to be very good, yet I loved the acting here), then this story is perfect for you. Gave it 4 out of 5 as, for me at least, the story was mildly predictable.

1 year ago