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Deadhouse Dark

Deadhouse Dark

In six interconnected short tales of terror, a woman receives a ‘mystery box’ from the dark web. Each item within will gradually reveal a dark and troubling truth. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL SERIES.

Member Reviews

Not at all what I expected!

3 weeks ago

only good because it’s short.

1 month ago

You know what shudder needs to do. Adapt Mr.creeps stories that other people wrote to make an unprecedented series of stories with no light at the end of the tunnel. We are the material use us.

1 month ago

"Deadhouse Dark" on Shudder is a disappointing collection of standalone horror stories. While the format of brief (10-15 minute) episodes allows for a variety of concepts, the execution falls short. Many stories feel rushed and underdeveloped, leaving viewers with a sense of incompleteness. Despite its anthology format, "Deadhouse Dark" fails to deliver genuine scares or memorable moments. The stories often feel derivative and lack the punch needed to leave a lasting impression. Overall, this is a forgettable collection that fails to live up to its potential.

1 month ago

Worth watching quick episodes

1 month ago