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DEADWAX is a mindbending neo-noir set in the obsessive world of vinyl collecting. Etta Pryce, a vinyl tracker, is hired by a rich collector to hunt a legendary rare record that has driven its owners mad and killed anyone that has dared to play it. The more she learns about how impossibly dangerous, and real, this record may actually be, the more seduced she becomes by the temptation of hearing it herself - no matter what the cost. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL SERIES.


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Member Reviews

Pros: I absolutely loved the concept of the show. The production quality was extremely high and the show itself was very well made. Cons: the lead actress is about as dynamic and interesting as a slice of white bread. I couldn’t stand her character throughout the entire show. The episodes were so short that it easily could have been a short film, I have no idea why it was split into 10-20 minute episodes. The ending was terrible and just leaves you feeling empty. It felt like the writers just ran out of ideas and wrote at the end of the script “idk lol just end it I guess”.

4 days ago


4 days ago

DNF because I can't stand the leads flat uninterested delivery. So distracting. I'm guessing just bad direction?

4 weeks ago

Liked the story line, but it felt like it should have had a better ending. It left me feeling like the whole thing was a waste of time and I felt unsatisfied in the end.

1 month ago

Should have been a full movie.

2 months ago