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Exploring topics of sexuality, identity and gender, Doomsday follows the final months of a millennial cult, where youthful idealism evolves into deadly extremism and a horrific Jim Jones-style massacre.

Member Reviews

Feels like a tater to get people interested. Might have to look for it on D.V.D to get the full series.

3 weeks ago

Sort of unpleasant to watch, and without enough redeeming qualities

1 month ago

This is a deliciously bad show. The lyrics to the opening song are '' La la la la la'' which represents Perfectly the complexity of the writing throughout. The actors do an incredible job! There was barely a scene went by, where I was not grinning from ear to ear, I was greatly entertained. Finally, the costume and set... WOW, where is this thing shot? I have no interest in visiting. There's sexy burlap two pieces, shopping bag hats and buried beetroot lipstick? I watched this at 4.20 and I could not have made a better life choice!

1 month ago

Please acquire more episodes!

1 month ago

a dull boaring story in the vain of midsommar, the wicker man, and the village.

4 months ago