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Hammer House Of Horror

Hammer House Of Horror

For sheer gore, and bloody thrills and chills, there’s nothing that gets the heart pumping and blood racing like the HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR: terrifying stories of vengeance from beyond the grave, ghoulish mysteries, limbless bodies bent on murder, timeless tales of undying curses– and each a sure-fire hair-raiser. The Hammer House Of Horror made a devastating impact on the world of horror and science fiction; its eye for devilish detail makes it one of the best horror series ever broadcast on television. Starring Peter Cushing as the master of horror, its finesse was assured from the start. From Satanic nightmares to houses literally bleeding to death, The Hammer House of Horror has it all and presents us with a vivid picture of real fear.


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Member Reviews

Oi ! wheres nite gallery?? freddys nightmares is great, the Hunger hosted by Terrance( spelled right?) Stamp & BOWIE, any cool old horror& the new ones who tried ( except for american horror story or show,or hijinx,or whatever it's called- when will that DIE , already ? jeez,it hasnt been good since the witch season- now it's all pop hot top crapola,ehh i get acid reflux just thinking about it-loved Lange & Bassett,though),& only lasted a season. any horror short tales from the darkside or even the hour long stuff,Brit or from anywhere,as long as it's scary & has a different episode &( mostly different ) crew&cast every episode.& where's good ol' Roddy McDowall (spelling?sorry if wrong) & Malcolm( spelled differently ) too? get some more anthologies & shows, i love this kinda stuff from any era&place- & oh ,so much thanx to Shudder for digging up the Possession film-2nd scariest only to Tarkovski's Stalker,if one considers that politico- horror . i know i do. thanx shudder doing your best- still waiting on Peter O'Toole's dark angel/uncle silas'Gothic horror part-that-was-made-for-him ! - b

2 months ago

Why does every episode I’ve watched so far have to have animal murder in it just for shock value? Hard pass. And the acting in most of these is horrible

3 months ago

not bad not good but it is watchable.

4 months ago

I can only take the English accent for a little while.

4 months ago

Skipped some episodes simply because they were boring. Few were good, but nothing amazing. Skipped 6 out of the 13. I tried to give it another try but just couldn't finish them. Favorite one was The House That Bled to Death.

4 months ago