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Horror Noire: Uncut Podcast

Horror Noire: Uncut Podcast

Dying to know what other conversations were happening during the filming of Horror Noire? Now you can listen to them anywhere! Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror is the podcast for more on the past, present, and future of Black horror from its leading performers, artists, and scholars featured in the Shudder original documentary.

Member Reviews

I liked the stories. I have noticed that films/podcast on here that center around black creators get a lower rating by the viewers and are constantly being labeled as "woke". These films/podcast are worth watching and listening to, even if you don't like the message its portraying. Just go through the comments and see what's being said.

8 months ago

Fantastic! More like this.

11 months ago

made up history

1 year ago

as a kid i remember watching alot of these films on vhs. thats why I love these interviews! (nostalgia) they're very eye opening & spark alot of creativity and insperation, for all horror fans. The Black horror community at large should take notes, in my opinion. the perspective gems that are unearthed in these interviews are invaluable to black horror. I think there should be a sequle or second edition to this, that highlights Latin horror films as well. the documentery is awesome, however the depth of this podcast is just as juicy if not more.

1 year ago

This was one of the best horror mini series. I can't wait for season 2. :)

1 year ago