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Joe Bob Put a Spell On You

Joe Bob Put a Spell On You

Dodge the sting of cupid’s arrow, put down your pity chocolate, and spend Valentine’s Day with redneck love guru Joe Bob Briggs. He’s studied up on the lost art of relationship necromancy (emphasis on the romance!) and presents two films about love, lust, and arterial spray guaranteed to bring your heart rate up.

Member Reviews

resubscriing and not seeing The Love Witch here really hurts me in my soul. all the love for this ahow always

2 months ago

Where did the Love Witch movie get to??? I loved that one!

3 months ago

Love witch on Tubi plus Just Joe Bob. Wish they’d update these though.

3 months ago

Where did The Love Witch movie go?

3 months ago

joe bob is awesome!

6 months ago