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Joe Bob's Vicious Vegas Valentine

Joe Bob's Vicious Vegas Valentine

This Valentine's Day, legendary horror host Joe Bob Briggs makes history and officiates the wedding of two fans on-air while hosting a double-helping of films about the ultimate nightmare: True Love! RSVP to join Joe Bob, Darcy the Mailgirl, and the rest of The Last Drive-In crew as they bring two young lovers together under the neon and glitz of Las Vegas - only on SHUDDER!

Member Reviews

Another great special. Cried during the wedding. Shudder needs to moderate these reviews, people are using them as a forum to harass Darcy and it's more vile than Nekromantik.

2 days ago

just because a viewer doesnt like darcy doesnt mean they didnt like the other mail girls. previous mail girls were beautiful, educated and witty. darcy is none of those things. course, darcy does have her strengths. if receiving back door and being plastic and dumb was an Olympic event she would be killing it baby.

5 days ago

JB is the best

6 days ago

Nekromantik was a real stinker but due to Joe Bob's informative commentary, I understood why the director made a film like this. His background and environment he grew up in explained a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding. Joe Bob did an amazing job. Oliver and Shelby are wonderful people and I'm glad they found one another. Anyway, the primary reason I have Shudder is for "The Last Drive-In". Can't wait for the new season. More 70's horror, hammer horror, and amicus anthologies, please!

1 week ago

Great special. First movie was meh, but JBB in Vegas is a lot of fun!

1 week ago