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Joe Bob's Vicious Vegas Valentine

Joe Bob's Vicious Vegas Valentine

This Valentine's Day, legendary horror host Joe Bob Briggs makes history and officiates the wedding of two fans on-air while hosting a double-helping of films about the ultimate nightmare: True Love! RSVP to join Joe Bob, Darcy the Mailgirl, and the rest of The Last Drive-In crew as they bring two young lovers together under the neon and glitz of Las Vegas - only on SHUDDER!

Member Reviews

I'd be a little more willing to believe Jorg's claims that he never really wanted to he a filmmaker before Nekromantik if Nekromantik wasn't the 14th film he directed. I can't get past that. But what a movie, it really packs a punch. Fun times with Joe Bob and Darcy hitchin'folks up, Vegas style.

1 week ago

I went to the Joe Bob Live in Las Vegas and I must say that it was deader then I thought it would be. If they would have dropped the admission price, then it would have been better all around. I know friends who wanted to go, put couldn't pay $$$'s. I honestly felt like I should have been paid to sit there for the taping. Didn't Joe Bob start going to the Drive In way back when, because the Movie theatres were charging too much on admission?

1 month ago


2 months ago

Elvis Joe Bob is to much and not really talking about the movie much. His co host is the only thing saving this series.

2 months ago

Beautiful wedding!

3 months ago