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Stan Against Evil

Stan Against Evil

172 demons have been unleashed on the residents of Williard's Mill as payback for a massive witch-burning hundreds of years ago. Evie, the lucky new sheriff in town, needs to work with the former sheriff, Stan Miller, who was forced to retire after an altercation at his wife's funeral. The only way both Evie and Stan can save the town is to find and destroy every one of the demons. The key to saving the town lies in decoding a century's old book, found in Stan's recently deceased wife's sewing room.


Member Reviews

A lot of folks are comparing this to Ash Vs Evil Dead, and while I understand that comparison, I think it’s only because they came out at the same time. That was my initial reason for not watching. Not Ash. Not Evil Dead. If you remove the time it was released, then you remove that criticism. It’s a decent show. Very monster of the week. Feels Canadian. Is it Canadian? Either way, it’s a fun group of characters and more quirky than scary. Still a decent binge.

3 weeks ago

Sometimes you can’t just watch Korean horror and a24 films- good to stay in the general area of the genre and have some mindless fun. Great actors. Great reviews on here overall…. So of course they cancelled it!

1 month ago

While not best it’s still a good show. It may have drawn inspiration from Ash vs evil dead it still does its own thing doing more of a monster of the week, with some cool monster designs and the main characters being pretty likable i recommend giving it a watch.

1 month ago

i give this worthless show a 1 skull, i never laugh once every episode is nothing but dumb acting and stupid jokes!

1 month ago

Very funny and enjoyable

1 month ago