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The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob's Dinners of Death

The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob's Dinners of Death

Feast on a selection of “deadly dinner” films picked by the world’s foremost (and possibly only) drive-in movie critic, kicking off with Joe Bob’s all-time favorite drive-in classic, which he’ll be presenting for the first time in more than thirty years of TV horror hosting.


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Member Reviews

My favourite part was the Joe Bob.

2 weeks ago

Invaluable for Joe Bob's background information on his favorite ( and mine) movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. it was nice to hear his defense of Toby Hoopper since the man has been maligned so often. Fantastic, and like so may others state, Joe Bob is the reason i have Shudder.

4 months ago

Please don’t remove this, I still watch as my thanksgiving tradition

5 months ago

Even though it’s a couple years old. I watch this every Thanksgiving season 🍗

6 months ago

Thank you sir, for another show of the best horror out there! Love you!!🥰:sign_horns:

6 months ago