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The Last Drive-In: July 2018 Marathon

The Last Drive-In: July 2018 Marathon

The World’s Foremost Drive-in Movie Critic – actually he’s pretty much the world’s only Drive-in Critic – Joe Bob Briggs brings his iconic swagger to Shudder. Across 13 movies, this firebrand of horror and drive-in cinema offers honest appreciation, hilarious insight, inside stories and of course, the Drive-in totals.

Member Reviews

This show was horror history. Too bad there's almost nothing left of it...

5 days ago

One of my favourite movies growing up as a teenager. I love everything about this movie even though there’s no plot to it at all. I thought the ending was terrific check it out.

1 week ago

Joe Bob IS Shudder

1 week ago

More Darcy!!

1 month ago

Demoni is back finally.

1 month ago