The Horrific Catharsis Of RESIDENT EVIL 3, The May Queen And MORE!
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The Bite #108
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The Horrific Catharsis Of RESIDENT EVIL 3, The May Queen And MORE!

May 05, 2020

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The Horrific Catharsis Of Resident Evil 3

By Jonathan Barkan

Let’s be honest, life kinda sucks right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a grinding halt and we’re all stuck in our homes, albeit for the greater good. As a result, reports show that video game usage has increased dramatically since stay-at-home orders have been implemented nationwide. A means of catharsis and escapism, video games provide the perfect opportunity for active participation through an interactive experience, unlike watching movies, a far more passive activity. With horror games specifically, this allows players to face the very fears that haunt them in real life.

Enter Resident Evil 3, Capcom’s latest release and a remake of the 1999 game of the same name.

Appropriately, Resident Evil 3 is a perfect allegory for what we’re collectively experiencing right now, around the world. A deadly, highly contagious virus runs rampant as the citizens of Raccoon City are told to stay indoors and avoid the infected at all costs. As S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine, it is your job to make your way through the city while attempting to practice safe social-distancing. If only zombies maintained that recommended six-foot gap.

As if the threat of a virus and hordes of zombies, hunters, infected dogs, and more weren’t enough, Jill’s journey is repeatedly interrupted by Nemesis, a terrifying B.O.W. (bio-organic weapon) that mutates throughout the game, each new iteration more deadly and terrifying than the last. Still, with perseverance — and a healthy amount of green herbs — players are able to best everything the game throws at them, emerging victorious, though not unscathed, in a world plagued by the T-virus.

Resident Evil 3 mirrors our world today. We are all living under the threat of a virus that endangers millions around the world. Everyone is susceptible. Nowhere is without risk. So why put ourselves into the very situation that is causing so much fear and anxiety?

Because we can win.

Because we can escape to something better.

Because facing what actively scares us makes us feel like we’re doing something other than sitting around and waiting like Dario Rosso in his shipping container.

Video games embolden us. They allow us to become the characters whose strength, resilience, and bravery we admire while facing challenges that feel overwhelming but don’t put us, or our loved ones, in harm’s way. In the era of COVID-19, Resident Evil 3 not only gives us permission to kick a virus’ ass, it actively encourages it.

As the OG 1996 Resident Evil said, “Overcome your fears and survive.” All we have to do is push ‘Start’ and “Enter the Survival Horror”.

*Jonathan Barkan is the VP of Acquisitions and Distribution of Feature Films for The Horror Collective, a genre distribution label. He has written for sites such as Bloody-DisgustingDread CentralAtom Tickets, Rotten Tomatoes, and more. His Swedish Vallhund, Dante, keeps him on his toes.


Image Of The Week #108 - The May Queen By Tula Lotay - The Bite


Artist Tula Lotay paid tribute to Dani, our glorious May Queen, in this stunning illustration. May we all enter the Spring with this level of ferocity.

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Meanwhile, The Atlantic writes about another film’s rise in popularity and its horrific depiction of the all too relatable monotony people are currently living with — Groundhog Day.

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Inspired by the trailer for Nia DaCosta’s Candyman, filmmaker Bobby Huntley II decided to make a short trailer of his own for a film called Corona Man.

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Some tiktok-ers are using the platform to show off their horror skills with these chilling and innovative shorts.

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Things We Love #108 - Dungeons And Dragons Mondo 1000 Piece Puzzle - The Bite

Beware The Smiling DM

Mondo is lousy with incredible puzzles to keep you busy at home, including this classic Dungeons & Dragons option. So prep your most horrific campaign and settle down with this 1000-piece beast.


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