HOUSEBOUND And Tricks Of The Mind, A Lego Haunted House And MORE!
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The Bite #110
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HOUSEBOUND And Tricks Of The Mind, A Lego Haunted House And MORE!

May 19, 2020

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Housebound And Tricks Of The Mind

By Amelia Emberwing

As most of us have learned recently, isolation kind of sucks. It grates on you in a way that most humans aren’t used to being grated on. Even worse, it gives us time to think, and we’re not so great at being left with our thoughts. We may gobble up every gruesome scene we can, but nothing holds a candle to the torment of the human mind.

That notion has helped flicks like Gerard Johnstone’s Housebound strike a chord. But, while we may have always intellectually understood that alone with our thoughts isn’t where we want to be, most people have recently received a harsh reminder as to why. In constant succession. Day after day.

The film follows Kylie (Morgana O’Reilly), a troubled but ultimately well-meaning delinquent who finds herself under house arrest after trying to rescue her confused cohort who had managed to knock himself out with a sledgehammer as the two were attempting to rob an ATM. The would-be thief is quickly strapped with an ankle monitor and dumped on the doorstep of her mother and stepfather, neither of which she cares for.

Kylie’s real problem comes from the home itself. She’s seeing things, and she’s not quite sure what to do with what she’s seeing. In the beginning, she thinks the answer is as simple as her isolation brain playing tricks on her. Your own personal hell is supposed to come with demons, right?

It’s not long after our plucky (and cranky) protagonist realizes that she’s seeing ghosts that her court-appointed psychologist writes her off as losing her marbles. The jerk even goes so far as calling her a liar. Now, no psychologist should be saying such things to their patients, but, outside of some bedside manner issues, Dennis (Cameron Rhodes) isn’t necessarily wrong for calling nonsense. Not only is his patient notoriously annoyed at the world and royally miffed she’s in her current situation, but brains send a lot of weird signals when they start feeling antsy!

Isolation? Very high on the list of things that make brains antsy. It’s why people are so easily spooked when they’re home alone, and why we’ll form a bond with anything (see: Wilson in Cast Away) when we feel detached from the rest of humanity. When we don’t like the scenarios we’re in, our heads can sometimes toss in a character or two.

Unfortunately, those new characters are often spookier than we’d like.

*Amelia Emberwing is a film and television critic who spends too much time talking about dinosaurs, superheroes, and folk horror. You can find her over at Birth.Movies.Death./FilmColliderNerdist and more.


Image Of The Week #110 - Doctor Strange VS The Evil Dead Fan Art By spdrmnkyxxiii - The Bite

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Freelance artist SPDRMNKY XXIII created this incredible poster that takes Doctor Strange and throws him headfirst into Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead.

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Things We Love #110 - Lego Haunted House - The Bite

The Haunting Of Lego House

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